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because in the beginning, God created the StAV...

Caveman Christian

SUUN is an amatuer video movie made 1993 by a group of young video enthusiasts in their spare time. Since they all belonged to the Styrian Astronomers Association (StAV) it had to be a film about some astronomical theme. It tells the tale how humans got their hands on the knowledge about the secrets of the universe - these secrets are what the StAV brings to visitors of the Johannes Kepler observatory at the guided tours near Graz, Austria.

SUUN is a german movie and sadly there is no english version.

Caveman Philipp

Caveman Pauuul
On to the story...

The very first barbecueThe Primitive Times
The StAV manifests himself in human form and aides the primitive humans with his knowledge about the secrets of the universe. He tries to do the first guided tour to the stars, but fails utterly since his knowledge is incomplete. And so God saw that it was not good...
What up? Lets have some fun!The Present
The StAV is sent to out present time and given instructions to take part at the courses to become a guide at the Johannes Kepler observatory. On his way to the observatory the caveman gets in touch with the modern world...
The examinatorThe Examination
Many are the candidates that come every year for a training at the observatory, but only the best of the best, the creme de la creme, the elite of the elite is able to hold these amounts of knowledge and give it in proper way to a paying customer. So it is necessary to have a strict selection process...
Take Cover!!! An airplane!The Training
The trainig to become an observatory guide is hard an unforgiving. The candidates are being trained physically as well as mentally, knowledge is being learned, pactices are being held and als a final culmination there is a course how to react correctly in extreme situations...
Home sweet home!The Homecoming
It is done! The StAV has his diploma as an observatory guide. He returns to his time and is being welcomed warmly. The new knowledge is being used to hold the very first guided tour to the night sky and the people are happy. And God sees that all is good. From this day on, the knowledge about the secrets of the universe is passed on from father to son, until the present days...