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   Ireland 2001
   Egypt 2002
      Dec 27th 2001
      Dec 28th 2001
      Dec 29th 2001
      Dec 30th 2001
      Dec 31th 2001
      Jan 1st 2002
      Jan 2nd 2002
      Jan 3rd 2002
Egypt 2002
December 27th 2001
Day 1

Flight, Checking in to the Crown Princess.
December 28th 2001
Day 2

Karnak, Luxor, going through the waterlock to Edfu.
December 29th 2001
Day 3

Edfu, Kom Ombo.
December 30th 2001
Day 4

Philae island, Assuan, Granit quarries, Assuan Dam, Sound and Light Show Philae.
December 31th 2001
Day 5

Abu Simbel, New Year.
January 1st 2002
Day 6

Back to Luxor, Lock at Esna, Dendera.
January 2nd 2002
Day 7

Thebes West, Vally of the Kings, Temple of Hatschepsut.
January 3rd 2002
Day 8

Check out, Jorney home.