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Hermes and Iris
Since June 21st there are again cats in my appartment! It took some time until they were accustomed to humand but now they both have a very open personality and like "rearranging" my appartment very well. Hermes likes sitting (and sleeping) on my lap while Iris is more interested in playing and chewing my fingers.

Iris with her intriguing lookHermes inside the role playing case - he loves dice!They have sort of a climbing tree which they love to sleep onAnother view of the climbing tree
Who is longer?After lunch napHermes with sore eye

Diana was a white half-persian cat who was quite apt at being decorative. Whenever she entered a room or felt someone was looking at her, she threw herself in pose like a model. She liked to be fondled but wouldn't sit on a humans lap or let herself be carried.

Diana died from apolexy on March 25th 2004 being 15 years old.

Columbo was intended to succeed the late Salomon but his stay at my place was very short. He was one year old and had gorgeous amber coloed eyes.

But Diana and Columbo could not go on with each other, she hissed at him every time she saw him. Additionally he was no appartment cat but liked to roam the gardens and tended to be away most of the time. So sadly I had to give him to the family of a friend, who live in the country, where he happily lives his new life.

Salomon, or Sali, as he was called most of the time was a black half persian cat, which we got being 8 weeks old and having a mutilated tail. He was the king of the appartment, being loved by the whole family and returning this love by being around all the time. He slept on my lap, sat on my computer keyboard and even climbed the ladder to be in my bed at night.

Sali died on November 13th 2002 at the old age of 17 from liver cancer.