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Tabletop Games
A tabletop game is being played
A tabletop game is being played
Tabletop is a hobby with three aspects. Forst, there is the model building aspect where little pewter miniatures are being painted and model terrain is being built. Secondly it is a hobby that emphasizes in collecting since there are always some new releases of even better and better minatures. And lastly it is sort of a strategy game where you compete with your miniatures against those of another gamers.

A tabletop strategy game is a simulated contest between two or more contestants which is held using armies of pewter or plastig figures. Each gamer gives orders to his painted models, which represent infantry, cavalry, cannons or other more exotic regiments.

Right before beginning a game of Mordheim
Right before beginning a game of Mordheim
It depends largely on the size of the armies how long the game takes, it can range from a skirmish of two small forces which is finished in an hour, to a battle that rages all day, when large armies are being fielded. There are gamers who see it as the epitome of the hobby to field massive armies in battles taking a whole weekend. But most games won't take longer than three or four hours and can be easily completed in one afternoon or evening.