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Raumflotte Gothic
zur Seite der imperialen Flotte
Die imperiale Flotte

Imperiale Flotte

Imperial Fleets emphasize armor and long-range weaponry over speed. Slow and ponderous, the fleet moves as one, hammering its foes as it bears down upon them. Almost all Cruisers and Battleships in the fleet have massively armored prows, which can take huge amounts of punishment. Add to this the technology of the Nova Cannon, and you get a wonderful blend of longevity and firepower. The Imperial fleet is truly the armored might of the Imperium.

zur Seite der Chaosflotte
Ein Chaoskreuzer

Chaos Flotte

Chaos Fleets are composed of earlier versions of Imperial ships that defected during the great Heresy. These ancient vessels are now crewed by Traitors and other unmentionable horrors. Chaos ships have vast amounts of firepower and great speed. The swiftness of the ships is used to bring the short-ranged weaponry to bear upon enemy fleets. This combination of speed and firepower is a threat best dealt with from afar. For the Imperium, it is a constant, weary task to cleanse the stars of the Chaos taint, but it must be done.