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How to do 10k dps as an Engineer in a Cruiser
This document is not aimed at the pro-gamers to further enhance their 25k damage builds. You guys probably know more about the game machanics than I will ever be able to understand. This guide is aimed at those at the low end of the dps meter, the casual gamer who wants to do some serious damage in STFs, too. In a cruiser. As an engineer.

While the guide is aimed to the engineer in a cruiser it can be adapted to science and tactical captains as well if they fly cruisers. A few modification will have to be done, I will explain those at the end of the document. If you want to know something about escorts or science ships, stop reading, you are wrong here.

I will also try to stay away from items and skillsets that require an excessive amount of grinding or RL money to obtain. You should be able to follow me without having to invest a fortune. I am a casual player and this guide is aimed at other casual players. But, being in the nature of STO, there is still grinding involved in this build, its just they way the game works. I will deliberately stay away from the Marion Frances Dulmur DOFF, mainly because its too expensive for a "casual" build and additionally I want to show that it is possible without him.

Another thing that hase to be said here, too is: You don't need to do 10k dps. If all teammates do 5k dps, you will be easily able to finish any STF with optional, if you know what you are doing. But we are here for the flashy numbers, right? So lets continue!

The Vision
Where are we going? And why?

The Hardware
Your ship's systems

The Software
Your captain's and bridge officer's skills and powers plus duty officers

The Implementation
How it all falls together - or apart