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Distant Worlds Ship Families

Short time before I started playing Distant Worlds I played a game called "Gratuitous Space Battles". It is a really fun and diverting game and has terrific 2d space ship sprites. So when I played Distant Worlds, I thought it would be nice to have those really good looking ships to play with.

Unfortunately there are not enough ship sets in GSB to make one for each DW race, so I went with the idea of having a unique ship set for every race family and between the families there would be different colors. This approach meant wore work for me but now I can easily create a new colored ship set without much time investment. (Except for the ursidian races, those buggers were not very cooperative)

Download the "Sirian's Ships" Customization set here:
ZIP File Sirians Ships (25679 kB) It contains all ship familis as I use them and goes into the Distand Worlds/Customization folder. It has to be activated in the Distant Wolds main menu. If you only download this set you will miss the unused ship set colors.

Download tha Major and Minor shipset mod here:
ZIP File Major and Minor Sets (1281 kB) It contains all major and minor shp families plus a planet destroyer. This mod goes in to the images/units/ships folder and will replace the "other" folder there. Please be careful and backup the contents of the "other" folder (or simply rename it to "other_original")

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