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This page does not exist in english, this is the german page:
EVE Components Mod
Here comes my second mod, this time its the components. I used EVE icons to replace most of the components, firswt I wanted to increase the size of the icons to 64x64 pixels and have them transparent, everything worked fine until I actually researched something. The icons get enlarged inthe messagebox and so ruin everything. So back to 32x32 pixels. After some experimenting I discarded the idea of transparent icons and put a grey background in. This way they look far better than transparent, so I kept them.

Components are color coded where applicable:
  • Quality: Grey - Green - Blue - Purple. Sone items have distinct tiers, like armor or troop compartments. These tiers are color coded where possible. If only two tiers exist they are green - blue, three tiers are green - blue - purple and four tiers add a grey as least quality color.

  • Fleet components: components that boost nearby ships have a yellow background

  • Race exclusive items have a cyan background

  • Reactors: red background: uses hydrogen, purple background: uses Caslon

  • Shields, Engines and Hyperdrives have a different color coding: the basic varaint is grey (or blueish gray in case of the shields) Green is efficient, Red is fast (or fast recharging) and purple is the final super-technology.

  • Superweapons have a bright orange background, except for the Superlaser which has... oh well, you will recognize it!

Installation: Extract the contents of the zip file into the Distant Worlds/images/ui/components directory. The zipfile contains a directory named "old" (from v1.2 on) with backups of the original components, but making a manual backup never hurts.

The preview does not do the icons justice, they are far better. This has to do with resizing issues in the file browser.

Version 1.2 - Shadows Expansion
Components v1.2 mod can be downloaded here: ZIP File Components Mod v1.2

Helpfiles for Components mod (any version) can be downloaded here: ZIP File Components Mod v1.1 Help Files (893 kB)

Version 1.0
Components v1.0 mod (Legends expansion) can be downloaded here: ZIP File Components Mod v1.0

Version 1.0
Components v1.1 mod (Legends expansion) can be downloaded here: ZIP File Components Mod v1.1