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Resources Mod
I am happy to release my first mod, its not a mod per se but rather a game change as it is installed into the original game files.

When I first started playing I couldn't distinguish one resource icon from the other, they all looked kind of the same and I always had to mouse over to see what was there. So I made a set of icons that are designed to be distinguished even if theay are scaled down to 20x20 pixels. The icons are sized 32x32 pixels as this is the size they appear in the expansion planner on my computer.

Strategic resources have a white outline and are grouped into Gases, Metals, Gems and Others. Different groups have different icon families. Polymer has an oil icon since I just couldn't find anything better.

Luxury resources have no white border and contain various icon families. The special luxury resources have gold icons with gold borders, these should stick out clearly. These icons are larger than the others since there are popups where the icon is displayed larger and I wanted those to be displayed in resoable resolution.

Installation: Extract contents into your Distant Worlds/images/ui/resources directory, but backup all original content there first!

Version 1.1
Changed most of the strategic resources icons, the gases, the gems, carbon fibre, silicon and polymer to get a cleaner look in game. Changed the spice luxury icon, that was horrible as well as the three gold luxury icons to get smoother looks.

Version 1.1
Resources v1.1 mod can be downloaded here: ZIP File Resources Mod v1.1 (132 kB)

Helpfiles for Resources v1.1 mod can be downloaded here: ZIP File Resources Mod Helpfiles v1.1 (803 kB)

Version 1.0
Resources v1.0 mod can be downloaded here: ZIP File Resources Mod v1.0 (129 kB)