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Lustige Episoden
Episode 1: Season Six
Season Six has changed the way fleet members interact with each other. Some say, not in a good way.

Contribution regulation has been widely ignored by Cryptic and simply (simply for them) put in the hands of the players. "You must deal with this as a fleet." While a few simple tools would have resolved lots of drama, rage-quitting and complaining, they introduced a new form of PvP.
Episode 2: Tribble Soccer
No other words necessary...
Episode 3: Pollution
The Advent of the Regent class Assault Cruiser sparked many discussions, some aestetically, some gameplay wise.
Episode 4: A Klingon Chef
Doffing is fun, isn't it? Sometimes, the most absurde situations come together. Some of these are funny enough to be used in the comic...

This assignment happened to me exactly in the described manner, without the champagne, of course. Chef and barkeeper performed admirably even though they were mere commons...
Episode 5: Colony Invasion
Did you ever wonder what your crew does in the tense moments before you beam down to the colony and while you fight your lonesome fight on the ground? Here is your answer...