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Season 2
Episode 1: Viral Matrix

The Archimedes meets the Romulans and gets to feel their proverbial furtiveness.

This episode shows "Viral Matrix" as it was in the beginning. The purple projective disabled the whole ship for up to 15 seconds, if "Science Team" was not active at the time. Absolutly deadly for PvP... Later at least "Science Team" could be activated while the ship was disabled. By now, the power has been completly revamped.

Episode 2: Rescue

The Archimedes crew is taken on board by an old friend.

I wanted to tell the story of 2 of 5 as a substory to the main plot of several episodes and integrate her into the crew step by step. Problem is, I have already done that with Captain Dinkelsen and I do not wat to tell the same story again. So 2 of 5 gets palmed off to Miranda and will reappear at a later time.

Episode 3: Mirror Mirror

In another universe, a diabolic plan in made...

This is where the mirror Universe storyline starts. It will continue in the background parallel to the main plot of 2 or 3 episodes surfacing now and then. It was fun transforming my characters in their mirror-counterpart on the test server. The Captain's Table station does well as Imperial palace, doesn't it?

Episode 4: The Golfball Ship

The Archimedes Crew is transferred on a new ship, which they appearently like very much...

Oh my, I can still hear the whines about the looks of this ship class on the forums. I don't think I read one positive post about it. Of course, I had to make an episode around this.

Episode 5: Starbase Sierra

The Thales arrives at Starbase 39 Sierra.

I took the opportunity to slip a little background information about the Romulans in here.

Episode 6: Under the Cover of Night

The Thales arrives in the Agramar system where they chase a Federation traitor and experience a surprise.

Another episode that took almost a year to implement mostly because obtaining the screenshots was very difficult before the mission replay feature went live. And again I fell for retelling existing episodes but I wanted to keep this one in alone because of Lt. Drake.

Episode 7: Data Gathering

Captain Dinkelsen learns about data samples that can be collected on his adventures.

In almost every MMO "crafting" is possible, which is the creation of items from resources instead of looting them from enemies. So in STO. Items are "researched" from data, which has to be collected in the field.

Episode 8: Memory Alpha

Arriving at Memory Alpha Captain Dinkelsen starts his researcher career..

Here I describe the crafting system a bit and of course I had to make some fun of it. With Captain Purple we encounter a known face, who sees the crafting system from a very special point of view. Power gamer, he is... :-)

Episode 9: Ground Zero

In the Hobus system, where the supernova originated that devastated the whole sector, the crew of the Thales makes a terrible discovery.

In this episode I broke the cartoons structure for the first time. All earlier episodes have the same layout: one page per episode. While I planned to make Ground Zero two pages long from the beginning, I had to change that while designing the episode since there was way too much story to tell than would fit on two pages.

So I decided to give up the one page structure and do more story telling. I felt episodes where there is much going on were far too compressed. This structure is okay if its a funny episode, where there is a pointe and funny episodes will stay that way. But I want to be able to tell more story, bring more life to characters and let them talk more.

A second structure is to fall soon, too. I will drop the four lines per page layout. In Ground Zero there was way too much to tell to break up this structure but in the future I want to be more generous with page space. Soon, images will begin to become larger.
Episode 10: Infinity

The Thales' science officers are discussing the infinite nature of the universe.

A sector space confined by huge signs exclamating the borders really just screams for a parody.

Episode 11: More Family

A faint distress beacon leads the Thales to a rescue mission in the Eridani Belt - and reunites family long seperated.

D'Kels Son. Not more than one word was needed to make this episode. And it opened the oportunity to have those evil, evil Starlians make an appearance.

Episode 12: Romulus

The Thales visits the Romulus system to pay its respect to the billions of Romulans that died there.

While there is not overly much content in STO, the content that is there is lovingly crafted and has lots of little details. When I saw Romulus I just had to bring it in the cartoon. I announced I would break the 4 lines rule, but this episode is almost a year old. That wasn't what I meant with "more generous with space"...

Episode 13: Adolescense

Captain Dinkelsen has a chat with his daughter who is aboard the U.S.S. Achilles and gets in touch with the wonderful world of adolescense.

2 of 5 really isn't to be envied, every few episodes I change her role. No wonder she freaks out. It would be logical to weave another "liberated Borg" story around her, but I have already done that with Captain Dinkelsen and there is 7 of 9 from Voyager. So her story will be... different. Poor Five...

Episode 14: Trapped

The Thales is investigating the disappearance of the survey vessel U.S.S. Griffon in the Vhoran system.

This is the grand final of Season 2! The episode is based on an existing story but this time, things run differently as in the game.

I wouldn't have thought how hard it is to stray from the beaten path and bring stories that are not told inthe game. Again and again I fall for it and end up retelling missions from the game. But this ends here... ups... wrong game.