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Season 1
Episode 1: These are the Voyages I
Life sometimes tells stories better than any writer can imagine. Episode 1 is alomst completly made from beta screenshots, at that time I had no idea there would be a comic. Lieutenant Dinkelsen was a human and I was convinced to play a human in live, too.

The "Beta" is a test phase of an online game, before it goes live. I was lucky and was able to play... I mean test beforehand. :-) Characters from the Beta are deleted when the game goes live.
Episode 2: These are the Voyages II
At the and of the beta there was an announcement that it would be possible to play a liberated Borg character and that caught my interest. So Lt. Dinkelsen was assimilated and commanded a Borg Cube for some time. Bute fate (which is me in that case) had different plans for him...

I love STOs character editor, it made it possible to show the assimilation process in multiple steps.
Episode 3: I, Borg?
Lieutenant Dinkelsen aka 1 of 15 survives the destruction of his cube and is successfully seperated from the collective. He has some trouble to adapt to human social behavior.
Episode 4: Prelude to a Crisis
Lt. Dinkelsen is transferred to the U.S.S. Symphony to support the crew with his knowledge about the Borg. But things turn out differently and soon he commands a ship on his own...

"Prelude to a Crisis" is the title of the first part of the Tutorial Episode. The U.S.S. Symphony was my first little ship on this character.
Episode 5: These are the Voyages III
Captain Dinkelsen and the crew of the U.S.S. Archimedes start into their adventures.

This is the intro. Bombastic music in the background, the crew is introduced and off we go! I even made a Vulcan char on Tribble (the Test Server) so that he can do his Vulcan emote. And there is a Pakled, too, let's see what he will be up to. :-)
Episode 6: Aiding the Planet
A colony is in desperate need of medical supplies. But where should we get them from?

This mission happened exactly as shown. It was my first mission in Delta Volanis Cluster and it was an "Aid the Planet". I did not have enough money to buy the supplies, 1000 Credits was a fortune, I had 300 at best. During the beta it was also possible to replicate trade goods with the ships replicator. Of course, I had to drop the mission when I played, but in the comic, anything is possible...

Episode 7: Investigate Artifacts
Explorint the Delta Volanis Cluster the U.S.S. Archimedes encounters a planet where the inhabitants are suffering from radiation poisoning.

I also encountered this mission far too often exactly as described. 4 of 5 artifacts, flowers, cocoons or watever could be found easily enough but the last one eluded me. Only recent changes in the tricorder UI solved the problem and made the mission bearable again... and fun!

Episode 8: Cooldown
During aa attack by Orion pirates Captain Dinkelsen struggles with discontinuities in crew availability.

There are different abilities in the game, like "engeneering team". It can be activated once per 45s and repairs the hull by a certain percentage. After activation, the ability is "on cooldown" and not availlable. Of course, the question arises, where IS the team inbetween the activations.

Episode 9: Do you want to fight?
Admiral Yanishev contacts the U.S.S. Archimedes and orders her back to Starbase 24, where a Klingon attack is imminent.

In every sector in STO there are numerous enemy contacts flying around enabling players to take part in fleet battles. If you get near one, a window pops up asking you politely if you want to join the fight. Now this mechanic just cries to be persiflaged.

Episode 10: Starbase 24
At Starbase 24 a fleet battle between the Klingons and the Federation erupts. Who will control this strategically important starbase in the future?

Episode 11: Family
The crew of the Archimedes finds a damaged Borg sphere in space and some of the drones are still alive.

Episode 12: Uniforms
Cpt. Dinkelsen meets the tailor and tries to design the crew's new uniforms.

Episode 13: I like Phasers
A meeting in the lounge is for chilling and discussing the latest starship technology.

This time the "Min-Maxers" get their share. "Min-Maxers" are people who make their in game decisions upon the boni they receive and not upon personal taste. In MMOs a very popular habit. Captain Purple - who will return for more min-maxing insights - is typical specimen of this spezies and meets a very unwilling Captain Dinkelsen. "Captain Purple", because the best items ingame are labeled in purple.

Episode 14: The Ferengi Scientist
New officers are transferred to the Archimedes and are promtly interviewed about their fields of expertise

At last, almost a whole year after designing the episode on paper, it got finished. The idea for the episode emerged even before there were ship interiors, so I wanted to wait for them. Then there was a long break from STO and from comic making but now - its finished!

Episode 15: Diplomatic Orders
The Archimedes is tasked to eskort an ambassador. What begins like a harmless babysitting mission turns into a combat assignment soon as the Klingons have different plans.

Here the storyline around the Klingon War begins. I changed the plot in the cartoon since I only have 8 little pictures to get the story across and also because I wnated to make it a little more interesting by expanding the main plot over 3 episodes. Ambassador K'Tec has his name from the Kalithea Cape where I sat in the sun and designed the episode.

Episode 16: The Paulson Nebula
The Klingons are supposed to have a base of some sort inside the Paulson Nebula from where they staged their attack on P'Jem. The Archimedes is sent to investigate this.

Episode 17: Face of the Enemy
Another train leads to the Bomari system where a Klingon relay station bears a terrible secret.

This concludes the tree part story around the discovery of the Undine threat. I found simply reenacting episodes would not tell good stories since an episode has to be adapted to cartoon style first. I want to use more stories I wrote myself especially for the cartoon. This should be a better read.

I had to use images from a different episode here (the battle of DS9) because to my great surprise the Undine in this episode suddenly beamed out and there was a space battle. Thank God I had the other images, I wouldn't have known what to do else...

Episode 18: The Threat from Within
Back at Starbase 1 Admiral Quinn discusses the next steps.

In this episode there is only dialoge. There is no plot only a summary of what happened and a plan of how to counter the menace. I wasn't sure episodes of this type would be interesting but it turns out they fit in quite well. They help to clarify the picture and let the reader experience the different views, the acting persons have.