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To Borgly Go
To Borgly Go is a webcomic about the adventures of Captain Dinkelsen in Star Trek Online. The name Dinkelsen is a tradistion in my online and offline role playing career and so it struck here, too.

The comic is made with a funny tone but not every episode has a pointe. Some episodes are funny, others tell stories about charakteres and some retell climatic episodes from the game.

The title "To Borgly Go" goes after the phrase "To Boldly Go" from the series intro. The main charakter being a liberated Borg is was more a no-brainer.

Season 1 - U.S.S. Archimedes

Season 2 - U.S.S. Thales

Season 3 - U.S.S. Achilles

Funny Episodes
Before Season 4, funny episodes were integrated into the story episodes. From Season 4 on those episodes will have their own chapter. Funny Episodes are not related to any story going on in the comic, they are standalone one time episodes with a funny pointe.

Additionally to the comic itself as an appendix, I have listed the specifications of the uniforms and ship used in the comic. Using this information potentially lost appearance can be restored in-game.